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Meterology Data Private Limited (MDPL) is a meter management company that manages panel operations for India’s TV audience measurement system. It deploys and maintains the meters at households that form the 'TV panel', as per sample design specifications and guidelines laid down by BARC India, the TV audience measurement company.


To provide a world class panel management that ensures
consistently accurate and representative viewership data.

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The Bar-o-Meter is widely used for measuring television audiences. It is connected to the television sets in the sample homes and measures the channels being watched by individuals on their TV as well as the viewing duration. A separate remote is also provided along with the meters with buttons individually assigned to each household member. This allows the viewing to be attributed to respective individuals of the household as they view their preferred channels.

BARC India's current panel of 54,000 households is managed by MDPL and this enrolment is constantly increasing. It is our constant endeavour to achieve incremental and consistent growth yearly.


As the company that oversees the management of the world’s largest TV panel, MDPL is an exciting and unique place to work at. A highly professional atmosphere creates a keen learning environment, and the scale of operations makes each role responsible and significantly important.

At MDPL you will meet a dynamic bunch of people, with a shared vision of delivering excellence within a sociable and respectful work culture. We leverage the solidity of experience and the exciting energy of a result oriented, goal driven, and productive working environment.

MDPL is an equal opportunity employer. It believes in and upholds gender equality, with strict codes and policies for ensuring and promoting a safe working atmosphere for everyone.

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Office Unit No. 201, 2nd Floor, C Wing, Godrej Coliseum, Somaiya Hosp. Road, Sion(E), Mumbai, 400022 India.

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+91 22 41048800

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